The new default

So, here it is.. The much dreaded and anticipated materinty leave. I had sent a little wish upstairs that it would be nice with some sun for a change, and my wish was granted midday today. I’m trying to come to terms with that I’ll be at home for a undefinite time forward, and it isn’t very easy. 

My pregnancy has been a “unicorn pregnancy” like my friend described it, something mythical and wonderful that you hear about but never experience. I have been well the whole time, no morning sickness, no moodswings, no nothing, I just got fuller hair and big boobs in the beginning. But so that you can hate me a little less I have gained 20kg (no idea where on my body they’ve decided to settle but the scale and clothes size says so) and my back aches. But I do feel great and productive and capable of doing everything except picking things up from the floor and tyeing my shoelaces 🙂

So, now, I’m due in five weeks, and the Finnish law decrees I have to be a month off work before the baby is due in order to get the materinty leave pay from the government. So here I am, off work, in the sunshine, and my from today forward default is that I will be at home, not at work. This will take some adjusting. Midday I was bouncing off the walls allready, making to do lists and coming up with “important” tasks I “need” to do. I can’t sit still, it’s just something I’m incapable of doing. I need to keep up some level of productivity. I think it will take me a few weeks to get settled into this new default. But sitting in the sun, doing nothing, having no obligations to do anything unless I want to…THIS IS SURREAL! 


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