Do something nice

Four weeks to go so I decided we do something nice. My husband and I have had a tardition of organizing dates for eachother once a month. Ofcourse in the beginning they were more elaborate but we have kept this going and try to have a date night once a month. Since we have no idea when our next date night is going to be I figured we go all in with this one. 

We started with breakfast in bed and then headed into town. I told my husband the theme was “Tourists in Helsinki” and headed to the Helsinki City Museum. It’s free entry and they had a photoexhibition called #fläsäri. Very interesting. 

We then walked through kauppatori marveling at all the nick nacks sold to real tourists and headed for the ferriswheel. As a local, the ferris wheel isn’t something you would do on a normal day but it was really nice, and three laps was good so we really saw the whole city! 

We then had some time to kill so we went to the market hall, we hadn’t been there since it was refurbished and we were happy to see that most of the vendors plus some very good new ones had returned to the hall. 

Then it was time for lunch, but kot just any normal lunch but Salutorgets Afternoon Tea. They do a manly version called Gentlemans Tea with salty foods too! The ANT is very popular, good thing I had booked in advance, on the bar side of course 🙂 

After the Tea I had to trick my husband because he had guessed the previous stops as soon as we headed towards them (Am I that predictable?) so we took tram 2 around Kaivopuisto, and I told him we would do as many tourists and go the whole lap around. He did not seem happy! We got off at Boulevardi, and then he realized where we were going, to Sauma, a tailor he had wanted to try. His birthday is coming up so his present was to get a tailor made suit. We chose a light suit in navy blue with slim fit and modern seams. It will be here in time for his birthday! 

After the tailors we killed some time in Stockmann shopping and at the 8th floor bar and then headed to our next stop. It is amazing how you as a local never open your eyes to what can be seen or experienced in your own town! Just a block from where we live there’s Escape Room, a mystery solving puzzle game where you get locked into a room and have 60min to solve the puzzles and get out! So much fun! We almost solved it, we were so close! We were told only 1/3 gets out in time and that the more people the better the chance, but it was fun!! 

From the next place we went to I cannot show you a picture or give you an adress, that would spoil the fun. There is a bar in the market quarters that is hidden. The entrance to the bar is unmarked and you need to find the doorbell once inside the first door. This bar, Trillby&Chadwick, is now on my top five bars in Helsinki (Haven and Belge, Llamas and Hiutale being the four others). Loved the place, the vibe, the people, the story! 

We then got into a taxi and went to Farang with my aunts family. Farang is Tomi Björcks first restaurant that got a mention in the michelin guide this year. The tasting menu never fails and didn’t do it this time either. We then followed my aunts family to their hotel and as we were getting into the taxi I told my husband that we weren’t going home. He was so surprised! I had taken a bag to the hotel in secret so he hadn’t seen it coming. 

My favourite hotel in Helsinki, where most of my international guests stay is Haven on Unioninkatu. We had a drink in their fabulous bar and then headed to our room. After an eleven hour long date we were exhausted and crashed into bed, and now it’s time for breakfast!


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