The nursery is finally done!
Here are some pics, I’ll try to include where I got the furniture and decor.


The crib and all that goes with it is from Bed, Bath and Beyond. The giraffe is from Melissa&Doug, in Finland you can buy it from

The wall was painted with a stencil.


The pics are from a company called Little Darlings and the low bench is part of a furniture lineup called Star, you find it many stores, I bought mine from Veken Kaluste.


The chair is riviera maison, the footstool is Anno. The box is handmade and curtains were custom made by Eurokangas.


The drawer is called Norway 27, I ordered mine from Veken kaluste. The changing table is separate by Troll for a drawer called Suzanne but worked great with this one too!



The vintage balloons are from Alnilam, a store on Lönnrotinkatu.

So there it is, our grey and yellow baby girl nursery, four weeks and she’ll be here!


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