She’s here!

That was my not so mysterious status update on facebook that got 445 likes and hundreds of wellwishes. And yes, she is finally here! Nine months is a long time waiting! And boy did she make an entrance to this world!

During the night between sunday and monday I started having a few contractions but nothing out of the ordinary and nothing alarming. I just had a feeling of running to the toilet all the time. Then on one of these runs at 2:45 my water broke. I just started at the pool of water on the floor, not really grasping it. I woke my husband who has just fallen asleep and as he mopped the floor I took a shower. In all pamphlets and in every course they said “once you start having contractions, have a shower”. So I did. I called the hospital and they said we’re in no hurry, that we can come in the next day once the contractions get real bad. My contractions after the shower got stronger, so strong that I could barely move. This was within an hour from the water breaking. The pain was unexpected, in my lower back and thigs, it hurt like hell and I couldn’t rock my hips back and forth as they all say would help. I used a TENS machine, and it did feel like it gave some relief. 

We started timing the contractions, they came in a minute-two intervals and lasted for around a minute. Then suddenly I felt the urge to push! The panic, the thoughts racing through my head, oh my god! It was only a little more than an hour since my water had broke so I couldn’t believe it! We were still at home, the hospital felt like a light year away and I was pushing and couldn’t stop. 

I called our Doula Johanna who came with speed and she did a quick check. I had a really hard time lying down even for the check, my hips just wouldn’t move or bend. She said in a very calm voice: “Casi, call an ambulance, she is fully opened and I can see the head”. I heard what she said but I still couldn’t believe it, how the hell was everything going so fast?

The ambulance came within ten minutes and they seemed very reluctant to take me to the hospital. I later heard that ambulance staff isn’t trained for labor so they have no idea what to do in case the baby comes. The doctor (I think?) asked them to get a stretcher, they came back with a wheel chair but after a few ifs and buts they got the stretcher. As I was pushing with every contraction we had to make the risk decision: to give birth at home or try and make it to the hospital. 

There are hundreds of tips and hints on how to speed up a birth but not very many on how to slow them down, but in the ambulance they came in handy. The idea is that when the contraction starts you should “sing” through the pain using a higher pitch or a higher note. This makes your diaphragm move upwards and gives space for the baby higher up in the belly. So the 12 minute ride to the ambulance I was holding on to Johannas hand for dear life singing Aaaaaaa like an opera singer. In yoga we learned a sound, “prrrrr”, which also does the trick. So we managed to keep the baby in. When we rolled up to the hospital I saw my husband, I have never been so happy to see him! I was rolled into the labor room and lifted onto the bed.

As I was fully open and the baby was on the way there was no time for pain relief like epidurals or what not, this was going to be a natural birth. I was propped up against a pillow so I was hugging it, in a knees bent position. After what seemed ages we decided to change into lying on my side with my knee held high. That did the trick and two more pushes and she was out! 

It was truly an amazing experience and I am so glad that I got to do it au naturel due to circumstances. When she was laid on my chest and I saw her it was the best gift I have ever recieved. She is a treasure, and it is amazing how you can fall so instantly in love with someone. Alot of things became trivial in an instant, all that matters is her. 



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