My I’ll never list

She is a week and a day old and I have to admit my defeat to certain things I said I would never do once the baby is born. Most, I realize now, were vain and superficial, and these have been thrown out the window. 

1) I’ll never be a sweat pants mum

Well, my 20+ kg I gained didn’t magically disappear, only 7 kg did, so before I can fit into jeans: sweat pants it is (plus you can sleep with them on).

2) I’ll never walk around in my pajamas all day. Well, I have, for the last three days because I live in my bed. Being a milkfactory has it’s perks but the milk flow is very unpredictable. The first day I had stained 12 tops and quickly discarded the whole point of getting dressed. Also an evil breast infection has made me into exactly what I dreaded the most: a mum who walks around breasts bare all day, no bra and just forgetting to pull up the pajamas after feeding.

3) I’ll never not care about my looks

Well for starters, I don’t have time to have a shower AND blow dry my hair, so shower it is and my hair looks like a trolli-toy. And mascara, being hormonal and crying all the time made me shelf my number one make up

4) I’ll never have her in a “family bed”

Two nights of lifting her from her bassinet, around ten times each night gave me a strained neck and ringing ears. Also the only breastfeeding hold we really master is lying down, so now she sleeps next to me, haters gona hate. Plus she is so cute I could stare at her for hours!

5) I’ll never eat unhealthy while breastfeeding. 

Well for starters I hardly eat at all. I used to be a foodmonster and now I barely feel hunger. I eat when something is put infront of me but otherwise I forget or prioritize sleep over food. 


One response

  1. For the first week my daughter slept with us in our bed, or in our arms. Once she would sleep for a few hours at a time, we put her back in her bassinet so she wouldn’t be used to it and NOT sleep when we put her down.

    Don’t stress over it and just remember you will eat lots more crow by the time she is 18. It’s normal. 🙂

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