The name

Oh boy, the big question, the name! 

Most women have a name in mind ever since they were kids what their childrens’ names will be. My favourites for a girl was Ronja, Tyra (after my greatgrandmother) and My. Then when I got pregnant, none of them felt right. So it was back to the drawing board for us. Thank god for the internet and in particular the site

We started by making a top ten separately and then comparing results. That turned out to be an unsuccessful strategy, one because my husband thought boom beach was more interesting and two, when we finally had our lists none of the names were on both our lists. My husband had chosen long and regal names like Charlotte, Charlotta, Alexandra, Michelle while I had short names like Li, Alva, Lina, Nour, Saga.

So we changed tactics, we decided to postpone the decision until she was born. It was, if possible, an even worse strategy! You cannot tell what name a baby “looks like” when they are that small and you don’t know their character or personality. But we did agree on a few criteria before she was born which made it easier. We wanted the name to be

1) Memorable

We wanted the name to be more on the unusual side, a name that is easy but memorable

2) Prenouncable

We are tri-lingual, speaking finnish and swedish daily and english very often, so the name has to be prenouncable in at least these theee languages

3) No bad nicknames

From most long names you can come up with nicknames, one worst than the  other. Kids are cruel 🙂

4) If the first name is unusual, the middle name/s should be more common, then she can choose later in life which name she likes to go by.

So, in the hospital we talked about the name and then it came to me, I said it to my husband almost whispering, I was scared he would shoot it down but he loved it. We decided to give it a week or two and try it at home, and the more we used it the more we liked it. 

And today, it is the day, she is getting baptized and the name will be hers. Everyone is so anxious to know her name, and people have been trying since she was born to pry and even trick it out of us. But we have had our lips sealed until today. 

Her name is: Cléo Olivia Michelle


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