The pink bug

When I was a kid I had a electric scooter, it was pink. I hated the color so I put all the stickers I could find to cover it up. I hate the color pink, always have. But I cannot say always will anymore because I think I’ve been bitten by the pink bug.

The only pink hue I’ve been able to handle is fuchsia. All others have been banned. Don’t get me wrong, there are people that can pull off pink and all the research in the world saying girls are drawn to pink still wouldn’t have made me even consider pink in interiors. Bleurgh I say (said!)

It started at the babyshower. Tessa, my best friend and godmother had bought vintage pink carnations, i was surprised I thought they were so pretty! And she had folded origami cranes in the same color, they too were so nice. 

Then my dad said a few times that our daughter Cléo looked like a boy because she was wearing jeans so I half unwillingly started dressing her in pink and ofcourse we’ve gotten lots of clothes for her that are pink. I even bought her a pink headband!

My friend said: trust me, you’ll get your pink phase once you have your daughter. I laughed and said no way, never! I was about to be proven wrong. And now I have, with my own free will, bought a pink trousers-blouse set for Cléo and I’m in love with vintage pink as an accent color for the next nursery (we are moving, so it’ll happen). What has happened to me!?

Damn. I hope this will pass in the next 10 years.

From projectnursery.

From pinterest 


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