The best husband ever

Mums have a built in system called baby hormones that makes them wake up to every noise the baby makes and makes her able to cope with much less sleep. Dads don’t have these hormones, which is why dads usually are more tired after a bad baby night.

Babies seem to have a sixth sense for when it’s a bad time to wake up or cry. Like when you are just about to jump in the shower or eat something or have a really important meeting in the morning, and that is the night they want to stay awake. We had one of those two nights ago. I quickly realized it was one of those nights so I took Cléo amd went to her room. She usually sleeps in a babynest in our bed but there was no point in keeping us both awake. So I comforted her for three hours in her own room and found myself hours later sleeping on the floor. Not so very ergonomic.. Even for me a foue hour night is little too little of sleep. 

So now we come to this night and why my husband is the best ever. I was exhausted, having only veen able to have a small nap during the day. We decided I was to sleep on the couch for a few hours and my husband would bottle feed her the first night portion, which would give me 2-3 hours of sound sleep. I wake up and it’s morning!!! I had slept six hours straight! I rush to the bedroom, thinking that somethings wrong, but both baby and daddy were sound asleep and half of the bottle was gone and baby content. Yey! My husband had come to wake me in the night but seeing how knocked out I was he decided to let me sleep and he took care of baby Cléo the whole night! Luckily she’s a easy baby (so far, knock on wood) and needs only two night feeds but still, today I’m like a whole new person! I haven’t slept 6 hours straight since she was born!


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