Practical tips

All first time moms to be, and simetime even second rounders wonder how things work with babies. How do you become a “certified parent”? Trust me, you’ll figure it out. My husband, who is the one that worries less in our family pointed out that people with less to go by and with less IQ has been able to raise perfectly fine kids and with that we would have the odds on our side. With that comforting thought and some few practical tips, I hope I can share a few things that I’ve learned having a newborn. I hated to get advice in the beginning, so if you’re like me, don’t continue reading 🙂

1) Swaddle Many swear by it, some curse it, but my baby loves to be packed tight, whether in the pram, baby nest or in her bed.

2) Night lights

No need for you or your baby to become wide awake during night diaper changes or milkdisasters. Get a night light for every room you might move around in during the night. This is also a great baby shower gift! My friends Sara gave a few to my other friend at it was only then I realized what a simple but great gift it was!

3) Diaper changes

Have everything at arms length. Allthough you’re baby won’t roll over in the first few weeks or month but you never now when that day will come, and you don’t want them to roll over from the changing table, so never leave the baby alone on the table. I have wet wipes, towels, diapers, talc, lotion, covers for the changing pad and set of fresh clothes for the baby in case of poopiedisaster.

4) Proactiveness

Be proactive, it really helps with chores during the day. Always be a step ahead. Like the stuff I mentioned before, have everything ready and once youve changed a diaper, get ready for the next change. Other things that go in this category is having a set of clothes in the diaper change bags. Have a cloth ready in case you have a lot of milk and it might spray all over. Have a top or two with you in case you get thrown up on or if you leak through. Always boil you bottles before hand, not when the baby is screaming from the top of her lungs. Have extra sanitized pacifiers, they get lost all the time.

Also when you are about to start breastfeeding you might wan’t to do some quick preparations, unless you know how to use the force. Get your phone, the remote control, your book, whatever, close By. Aswell as cloths, a glass of water etc.

5) water everywhere

Speaking of water, have a bottle with you at all times, my check list when leaving the house is: handbag, baby bag, dog, keys, baby 😉 and water!

6) Snutteduk and burp cloths

Snutteduk is like a comfort blanket for the baby, they come in different shapes and sizes. Check out toy-blankets like Diinglisars, they are great!

Burp cloths, have a bunch of them, everywhere! baby may puke whenever, where ever. Have one everywhere the baby is, like the car, the cot, the pram, every where 🙂

7) Thermometer in pram

You will wonder, probably every time you go outside wether you’ve put too much or too little clothes on your little one. Have a thermometer in the foot end of the pram, stick it in somewhere close to the baby and you can be calm. Have a extra blanket with you if you are unsure. I have a Emmaljunga Nitro, and before she get’s too big a extra blanket fits well into the foot end of the pram.

8) Sleeping

There is always something to do once the baby falls asleep. But try to prioritize sleep every now and then. Babies progressively have more awake time, in the beginning they mostly sleep and eat. Try to sleep when the baby is sleeping, get easy chores done when the baby is awake and content. I put mine in a Bjorn and then I’m able to put a washer on or hang up clothes to dry or clean a little.

9) If you never finish anything, don’t worry

A ready washer that’s been there for a day? Half made bed? Half eaten apple? A Project that stuck to the sweing machine and has been there since? Empty packages everywhere? Welcome to my home! I’m pretty sure it’s normal! I was recently at my best mama friends house and she had a cold coffee on the table she had forgot, that is also completely normal! I blame it on the mommybrains, yes it is a thing. The oxytocin produced in yor body while breastfeeding makes ypu drowsy, and with everything else going on you do get a little distracted. Combine that with tending to your babies needs and voila!

The biggest problem with small babies is that they don’t really have routines. Some are like clockwork but they are rare. This means you never know if your baby will sleep five minutes, half an hour or have one of those rare marathon sleeps of four hours. When mine falls asleep I rush to start doing things that needs to be done. If I succeed in actually finishing a task before she wakes I will start another, which means that at some point she’ll wake and I will leave whatever task I was doing. And I will probably forget it after a while and start something else the next time she sleeps. 😀

10) A question of attitude

If you think that everything is a battle, a chore, boring or stressful, it will be. I try to keep a positive attitude no matter how tired I am. It doesn’t always work, but it does help! I’ve learned to laugh at myself and try not to beat myself up about things and not be so hard on myself I fail to do something during the day I set out to do. I’m a typical big sister that measures selfworth through acheivement and performance, and I rarely sit still. Babies makes you sit still, alot! Try not to get frustrated, read a good book, check through you emails or choose a good series for marathon watching.


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