The amazing internet

As a first time mother google is your best friend and worst enemy when it comes to question in your head. I have even more mixed feelings about the forums on facebook and other social forums. Either they give you relief about your worries or make you feel like the worst mother ever. Half of the time I’m just very confused! 

I recently joined a forum for dieting breastfeeders which I quickly noticed was a bad idea. There are babies who get stomach cramps from litterally everything, and reading the stories was heartaching, I’ve had the luck to have a baby that can handle anything but it made me feel so bad for all the mums out there. I noticed I started over analyzing her fits or cries: ‘was it the onion?’, maybe she’s lactose intolerant like me? Etc. Until point of insanity and I left the forum

Another is questions like “my deodorant has aluminum in it, the health department says its okay, but I’m scared of what it will do to the babay” or “Can I go to the hairdressers and color my hair/do my nails” or Oh my god, I just had a beer and now my baby is hungry, what do I do!?”

I swear, if I’m going to deal with baby kilos to loose, breastfeed around the clock and I’m supposed to smell bad and have bad hair day every day and never have a glass of wine, then this mummy will very quickly have a nervous fit. Take a chill pill fellow mothers, and if you’re worried, go ahead google it, but keep your head cool. 


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