Vive la boobs

Vive la boobs!It’s international breastfeeding week, the oh so much discussed loved and hated subject. Here are a few random thoughts about it 🙂

I recently went to the states where my daughter had a babysitter, first one and then the other. The first one was very pro-breastfeeding and said “it’s good for their (the babies) intelligence” and the second one said, I quote: “when I got my baby and started breastfeedin I was just like nah-ah, I ain’t doin’ that!”. This really gives you a picture of the two opposing thoughts about breastfeeding in the western world.

I think one big reason why breastfeeding isn’t done by many is that our civilization thinks its wise to “force” women back to work too early. Returning to work after two weeks will most likely interfere with your breastfeeding in some way. But to me there is one definite: formula is not the same thing as breastmilk, even scientists say so. Bottle and some one else feeding your baby is not equivalent to you as a mother, there is more to nurturing than just feeding. (Btw. In order to keep the milk flowing you need your baby by the breast)

There is nothing more rewarding than going to a check up and the nurse compliments you on how much your baby has grown!

Why can Lady GaGa walk out of a studio barebreasted and women get shunned for breastfeeding? You can’t even see the freakin’ boob, as there is a baby in the way! If you want us women to breastfeed in privacy, please organize breastfeeding places, have a cozy chair in the family room, or a divider in a cafĂ© or restaurant where you can sit.

Breastfeeding is messy business! If you manage to come out of the ordeal with 1) no stains 2) no scratches 3)puke on you you deserve an award and please share with me your secret!

But allthough it’s messy, controversial and seen as weird and embarrassing it is your time with your baby, that no one can take away from you. It is yours for as long as you deem right. Enjoy that.


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