New home, new interiors

The first room I ever got to remodel was my new room when we moved to Helsinki in 2003. I chose bold colors, red and orange. The red followed me to my next apartment, with dark wood and browns. I would never ever choose those colors again. The last year I lived there I went black and white and repainted almost everything I had. Our first co-owned apartment was furbished in quite a hurry and for some reason I was never happy with the outcome allthough many people complimented our home. Now I have a new project, and it is going slower than a snail on a sunday stroll! Having a baby and trying to do interiors at the same time is really tricky! I use all the time I can while she’s sleeping to scower the internet for suitable furniture. I sold everything we had from the old apartment so I need almost everything! Today it was curtains, yesterday carpets, the day before that I finally found a tv-console. 

But I like doing it slow this time, gives me time to think and not make hasty decisions. I’m also going for a whole new style which I’m unfamiliar to so it takes time. But here are my inspirational pictures! 



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