Everything you know is wrong

The title of one of my favourite books, but also a very spot on description of life with a baby. You think you know something, and then it’s all wrong again the next day. It is almost funny, until you haven’t slept properly, you’ve had a poo-disaster of gigantic proportions, you start to forget half of everything and end up considering wether or not you should make food on stove because the risk of forgetting it on is too high. 
Cléo was sleeping 5-6h in one take for quite some time, yey! She gave me hope when she slept 7h straight, one night but hah! She fooled me! Now she’s taken a leap backwards, sleeping 2-2,5 hours in between feedings. And this would be okay if she wouldn’t 
A) Not fall back asleep in her cot after feeding, and me giving in and letting her sleep next to me which results in me sleeping straight as a stick and checking if she is’s breathing every 10 minutes
B) wake up at every minimal noise (we are three and a dog sharing 20m2 room until our apartment is ready)
C) eat until she falls asleep, not until she’s full and waking up half an hour later to eat the other half.
On the bright side, she seems fine. She is as happy and content as always *knock on wood*, laughing, chattering, moving around and is sunshine personified.
On the down side, I miss a whole nights sleep, I’ve had two whole nights sleeps in five months and I’m never totally rested. I want a whole nights sleep, wine, red please, a head and neck massage and an aspirin. 


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