Sleeping arrangements

I haven’t updated my blog for a while, a lot has been going on… Except sleeping very much. Firstly, who ever coined the phrase “sleeps like a baby” must have been delirious!

As some of you know we were living in a suitcase for almost three months while our new apartment was being renovated. This living artangement and moving around coincides with Cléo going from sleeping 5 and 5 hours in astretch to waking up every 45 minutes. Did you know that not letting prisoners sleep is a form of torture? Well.. A few months of this and you’ll feel like your brain is mashed potatoes, you start prioritizing sleep above anything else: including your hobbies, husband, hanky panky of any sort and showers. These are the mums and dads you see with enormous bags under their eyes and hair that hasn’t been washed or combed for a while. The stereotypical parents of a small child! 

Up til five months I let my husband sleep, I just didn’t see the point of both us being tired. We have had Cléo sharing the bed with us simply because it was easier, she quickly became so heavy it was a hazard to lift her from her cot every time she woke up. But now having had only two full nights of sleep since se was born, with mommyhormones wearing off, sleep deprivation is not a good thing! So now my husband is sharing the load, thank god. 

Last week we had an epiphany. I slept on the couch and suddenly she sleeps 3,5h straight! We tried it again and tadaa, another night with longer sleep intervals! 

Last night was again somewhat of a failure, I slept on the couch but had to run every hour. But the difference from the previous successes is that I didn’t spend the first half of the night next to her. It sound silly I know, but you really grab at straws when you become desperate for sleep. We’ve tried everything it seems, sleepingbags, music, white noise, stuffing her with food, swaddling, warm room, cold room, the list goes on and on!

It is a puzzle, and I’m sure we’ll figure out, hopefully sooner than later. Because my bags under my eyes aren’t getting smaller!


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