My top ten interior tips

1) Match the rooms inside to outside

If you have a house with a garden, try and get the different areas of living also outside, like a kitchen/grill, a place to eat and a place to chill out. 

2) Always have enough storage and never fill them to the brim.

Keep your stuff to the minimum and have a designated place for everything. In our previous apartment that wasn’t the case and that made me feel uncomfortable, it made it seem messy all the time

3) Have a large enough room for your kids

If your kids room is too small with no floor space for play you’ll end up having all the toys everywhere else (which you probably will anyway, so have a basket or two to collect the toys in the other rooms)

4) Privacy

If you have the opportunity to design a house or buy an apartment with several rooms, consider your privacy. You might not want to have your bedroom next to your kids’ bedroom or share a bathroom with your partner. 

5) Everyday luxury

I bought some plates with a gold trim. As they need to be hand washed and feel like they are obly meant for parties I just love having a sandwhich using those plates. A little luxury. Same goes with lighting some candles for dinner or scented candles in the bathroom, a nice boquet of flowers etc. Tip! Flowershops in Finland usually have their stock days on mondays or tuesdays which means the flowers are wilting by friday. I always by flowers on a discount on friday, they last over the weekend! Pirkka also has boquet that cost around 15€, 1/3 of flowershop prices!

6) Laminate

Laminate floor is a cheap way to get a gorgeous looking floor for much less than parquet. It is also more forgiving and durable than parquet!

7) Mix styles

I love mixing styles, old and new, different centuries. In our current apartment the “canvas” ie the floor and walls are late 1800’s Parisian style, the furniture is 50’s inspired mixed with modern lamps and details. In our country house I’ve mixed driftwood and distressed wood with statement black floors and modern inserts and some antiques here and there.

8) Designed by me

If you can’t find what you are looking for, just design it yourself! There are extremely good carpenters and other handy people who can make them for you, and surprisingly cheap too! I’ve designed two tables, one set of chairs, two ceiling lamps, a bed, and a hidden cabinet. 

9) Keep it boring

If you’re like me, someone that gets tired of a color in a few months, keep to basic earthy tones or go graphic black and white, then get the accent color you are keen on from cheap stores like Tiger, Hemtex, Ikea & Etola. That way you won’t feel guilty of selling them and changing color. At the house I have grey, shades of blue, sand and beige etc and then bring in pops of green from the garden in the summer and I have a set of red textiles like pillow covers and throws for christmas. 

10) Don’t get attached

They are just things and a home is meant to live in. Get extra covers for your sofas if you’re worried and relax!


2 responses

    • Yes indeed! We used ekovilla which is recycled material such as paper and textiles mixed with something that makes it antiflammable. It is quick to use too as it is sprayed into the walls and not measurecut like those other materials. The key is to keep the walls well aired, so that moisture isn’t stuck on the inside nor between the layers. Between the outer layer and inner layer there needs to be a good space fpr air to flow, then a airtight wall and then comes the insulationmaterial and then the inner sheeting.

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