Observations from sleeptraining

Oh boy where to start. I had to sleeptrain my daughter when she was six months old, now nine months. I was exhausted, she wanted milk every 45min, or comfort actually. So we tried the paw-school (tassu unikoulu). We managed to stop the night feedings with it but C kept waking up and it took me sometimes 1 1/2 hours to get her to sleep in the evening. I was exhausted and developed a very bad back problem from standing over her crib hushing and pawing. So then I decided to try another method and since I’m not a fan of the cry it out methods I decided to try the Sleep Shuffle by The Sleep Lady. The basic idea is that you are present in the room but not an active aid to fall asleep. You encourage and make your baby know you are there but let them teach themselves how to fall asleep. 

A few observations: 

– the paw school was bs. It takes as long as and with the same amount of protest to put her to bed with the sleep shuffle, minus breaking my back.

– To sit in a quiet dark room is very soothing, but go to the toilet, grab a glass of water and a good book, you might be in there for a long time!

– Your baby might not like the same things as you do! Don’t assume just because you like it dark in the room they would too! I have to have zip black and super quiet, while she doesn’t mind some light and sound. 

– If you do decide to keep a few sleep-aids like a toy and a pacifier, wait until your baby learns how to put the pacifier back in before you try this method, otherwise you’ll be running anyway. 

– Do not leave the room until you are a hundred percent sure they are in deep sleep! I had to redo the whole process three times at four A.M. Not nice! 

– BE PATIENT!!! It takes time. 

– Hate to spoil it but sleep training does bot guarantee that your baby will sleep through the night, but you mught lengthen the intervals, in just the first three night she’s slept 6 hours straight, then two times four, and last night I have no idea since I didn’t look at the watch but my guess is six hours, so very good comparing to where we were at three months ago!


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