Greetings from the bedroom

oh yeah, I know what you’re thinking.. You naughty you! And oh I wish that was the case too but oh no. I’m referring to my baby daughters bedroom, in which I spend hours of each day, or night actually, from 7pm to 7am. She is not sleeping. She sleeps for maybe two hours tops and then wakes. Then she takes good time to fall back asleep and at the same time drive me insane. 

This has gotten to the point if ridiculousness. We have spent the last week with my parents in France and even they are getting desperate for our sake. Friends and business associated too try to pitch in woth words of advice. Here are some of the things I hear my self and others saying:

(We have tried almost all of them)

– Give her solids during evenings

– Don’t give her solids

– Feed her during the night, she’s must be hungry

– Stop feeding her during the night, she isn’t hungry

– Give her water

– Give her tea

– Co-sleep

– Put her in her own bed

– Maybe her bed is uncomfortable

– Maybe the bed is too big/small

– Restrain her movements with a sleepingbag.

– Maybe she shouldn’t wear that sleeping bag

– Pick her up if she’s crying

– Do not pick her up, let her cry

– Put on some music for her

– Music will only wake her

– Maybe the room has wrong chi?

– Could there be a ghost?

– Is it too cold, too warm?

– Is it her pyamas, maybe it should have been softer?

– Maybe it’s her diaper?

– Maybe she’s teething?

– Is too light? Too dark?

– Maybe her toy smells wrong after washing?

– Is her pacifier dirty, clean, too small?

– Maybe she’s hungry again?

And so and so on πŸ˜‚

Here’s a normal process of thought during the night:

“Okay, she’s fed, gently put her down in the bed, okay fast where is that pacifier! There okay, quickly, aim for the mouth! Pheww okay. Let’s get the sleeping bag zipper fastened.. Shuffle shuffle.. Okay done. Damn, she’s turning around, maybe I’ll try stop her gently. Damn, now she’s mad. Okay hush her. She’s settling, good. Maybe I’ll stroke her nose, no, that didn’t work. Maybe her back, okay, that seems to do it. Sush her again. Okay, I’ll sing her a lullaby. Yes! She turned on her side, where is Snutte (toy). …five minutes later…okay now she’s standing up, great, and waving at me. Now she want’s a kiss. Okay one. I’ll gently put her down. Oops! Shouldn’t have done that. God, stop screaming! Shhh! Sleeep! Comoooon. Sigh…” And start over πŸ˜‚


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