You might have read my previous posts on sleeping and sleeptraining. Long story short, my baby girl says “I ain’t got time fo dat!” to sleeping.

Well.. I was desperate, on brink of madness. And then I stumbled upon a really nice blog by a Finnish mum living in south of France. Check it out here: https://minililli.blogspot.fr/?m=1

So I read about her daughters sleeping problems and that they went to sound healing. And I thought, well, we’ve tried almost everything else there is. So I get her contacts from the blogger mum and the next thing I know I find myself in a cozy room on the second floor above a restaurant in the centre of old Antibes with my daughter in my lap. The lady, Louise, was very friendly and has an array of knowledge up her sleeve and she gave me some good tips to try. 

Then the sound therapy started. I cannot really explain what happened but I could feel areas in my body, like deep in the chest and forehead vibrating from the sound, later I found out it was my third eye chakra and heart chakra. So weird. I’m open to everything but this was something very special and a little too weird. And trust me, I have been to healing, acupuncture, reiki, met shamans and seers and you name it. 

But I came home feeling at ease, like I had gained a new secret knowledge about something. My mother said she felt lighter at heart and Cleo was her happy self, she slept for two hours when we came home.

Then came the much anticipated bed time. I did as I usually do, and added the tricks she told me. I then put her to bed. She protested a bit but then settled down… And…. 

Slept for six hours straight!! 


At 2 she woke, and started stirring and tossing. Her nose was runny and she was coughing from the cold she caught a few days ago, and I am positive she would have slept even longer if she hadn’t had had those problems. She tossed and turned and fell back a sleep, waking again and so on for an hour. Then I fed her and she continued sleeping until six. From 6-7 she did the same but finally settling and sleeping until 8. 

I am in awe. And I do hope this continues like this, fingers crossed and knock on wood! And thank you Louise for at least one well slept night!


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