What if everyone you meet is someone you are conntected to, linked to through past lives and future lives, that friendships and meetings are all an intricate web that connects us on our journey from one life to the next?

A very wise woman and a good friend of mine presented this idea to me once and it stuck. I believe in reincarnation so for me this made sense. Imagine DNA chain or a chain, it is made of loops where the loop opens and closes only to be separated again, on and on.

She explained that people are somehow connected to eachother and that their meetings are like loops, some loops are small and tight meaning that the frequency of their meetings is high, while some loops are loose and large, which means that they’ll meet perhaps once in one life and still feeling a weird notion of familiarity. It is thought, she said, that going through the lives to learn all that is to be learned it is easier if we have people with us who we know, makes it easier and more comfortable. It is also thought the sould chooses into which family it is to be born, looking for a loop in which that soul is comfortable.

I don’t know how widely spread this idea is among those who believe in reincarnation but it would explain how some people become friends so fast, like they’ve known eachother for a lifetime allthough they just met. Well it might be you have, in another life.

Another add on on this idea I’ve heard and I think in Coelhos writes about it in Brida (correct me if I’m wrong), that after each life the soul is divided in two. So in the next life there will be someone carrying a part of you, a piece of your soul, a soulmate.  I remember Coelho saying that once you meet your soulmate you’ll know by looking after a small glowing dot above his shoulder.

These two ideas are two of my very favourite ones when it comes to friendship. Friendships are loops, where you meet, travel a distance together only to split and then meet again as the loop is closed. Some loops last one lifetime, and some shorter in this life and maybe longer in another.

But I also believe in evolution. And I believe that friendships evolve too. Some bear the pressure of life changes like moving away, new spouses, career change or having kids – and some don’t.
I have lost and also knowingly left behind many friendships, life just happened. I have also, and very recently felt, that some of my “loops” have reached the separationstage. It is sad and I’ve been broken up about it, as the calls get fewer, meetings are more seldom and suddenly there is nothing to talk about anymore. Some might say that maybe those friendships weren’t built of solid material, that real friendships should last. Maybe so, but I have also realized that there is a limit to how many friends you can have at once, because you wouldn’t be able to take care of the all at the same time. And if you do believe your friendship is to withstand all the changes, then a little separation is only temporary and the loop will close eventually again. From old to new, this year has been filled with new loops, new friends, and new paths to walk on with them. In finnish valentines day is called “friends day”, and it is with both sadness and joy that I celebrate this day today.

Love you, old friends and new. See you in a loop 😉


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