Why it’s worth it

To get to that goal weight that is. As many of you guys know I started my journey in fall 2013, like any bride I wanted to feel great and look great at my wedding. So I worked out, oh damn I worked out, and changed my eating habits and… drumroll..lost 17kg. But that wasn’t the big win. It’s just a number that is easy to say. What I got was my confidence back, my flow. I started feeling good about myself and with that good about alot of other stuff too. I felt happier, I had more energy and more drive than ever. When I started the journey my goal was solely superficial, I wanted to look good and sexy for my husband to be. But as I started seeing results and feeling better I kind of got hooked.

Today, after a baby and an extra 24kg I am now just 4-5 kg from where I was at my best. But the amazing thing is, it doesn’t feel like I need to loose them this time. And it doesn’t feel impossible like the first time around. Because I know what the feeling is, I know what it is worth, and I would never let go of that feeling again. People who have never lost weight or come to terms ith themselves do not know what they are missing which is why it is easier to stay the way they are, because they don’t know if all the hard work pay off. I was that person. Now, I’m the person people get annoyed at, like I used to get annoyed at people going to the gym and have endless energy. So there. Fight for it, it’s worth it!


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