Really being there

Today in the park I watched this:
Two boys climbing on the roof of a playground castle, the mother mumbling that they should get down and kept looking at her phone, a little boy who so wanted to climb that castle, but the parent was far away and didn’t see or hear, also looking at his phone. Then there was the parents happily chatting to eachother but still keeping a watchful eye over their little ones, and the ones who were so fully submerged in their childrens play that they didn’t see or hear anything else, their phones happily tucked away in a handbag in the pram somewhere along the borders of the park. I’m not saying one or the other is right or wrong, everyone does as they see fit, I am somewhere in between the two extremes myself. But I could never forgive myself if something happened, like falling off a roof, and I will always help my baby climb the castle and play when she wants. I also believe that children should be allowed to explore and play independently, but under the supervision of a parent. But I am saddened that a phone is more important and fun than your child.


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