Fat people are harder to kidnap

Always look on the bright side eh? After a very party filled summer I stepped on the scale, “It can’t be that bad” I thought. But oh it was, so so bad. As a side note: It’s funny, while men can brag about them gaining weight, women gaining weight is a subject neither men or women wan’t to talk about. 

Anyhows, I was on the right track in spring, having 3-4kg to lose, now I upped the ante and will now have to loose 10. A little challenge. I find it hard to find motivation, because I only see the end result, and I know how much it will take to get me there, and that makes me less than motivated. But what does motivate me is that I have been there, feeling awesome, and that feeling is something I want back, the hotdamn ass and awesome biceps comes as a plus. 

So, where to start? A journey starts with a step.

Step one: Get breakfast in order and ensure water intake

Step two: Leave out dairy from all meals

Step three: Start eating four times a day

Step four: Skip gluten from all meals and ensure protein-carbs-fat intake is sufficient. 

Step five: Move, get moving, three times a week, if possible four, two cardio and two gym sets. If not given the time, make time, take time. 

There, that’s my not so secret recipe, and with that I lost 17kg two years ago.


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