Expecting baby no2

Some might say I seem to be made to give birth. Pregnancy with no or very little problems, fast deliveries, fast recovery, plenty of milk etc. However, this does come with a downside. Our baby girl Cléo was born 2,5h from when the contractions started, ambulance ride and very mindboggling. This time around seems it won’t be any different. The likelyhood for baby girl no 2 to be born even faster is very high. At the doctors I found out I’m about to “pop” any day, having four weeks left to due date. This means more worries ofcourse, because if the baby is born before week 37 she might be in for a longer hospital visit and complications. As for us, having a national holiday this week, recieving these news was very discomforting because we had no one to babysit our toddler. Our doula made it very clear that we need to leave the second I start feeling discomfort or if my water breaks. There is no time to wait for a babysitter to come from far away. This is the part that stresses me the most, to get someone here and to know my beloved girl is safe. After that, let baby no 2 come wherever and whenever she wants! I’m also worried about maybe having to give birth at home, if the baby decides to be super fast theres no going to the hospital. Ignorance is bliss, having my first I had no idea what could or might happen. Now I do, which keeps me up at night. But, at the same time, I believe in myself and my abilities and the baby will come, soon, one way or the other. 


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