The day you were born

I woke up early by the sound of our toddler who had woken. I went to her and she fell back asleep. Usually this kind of awakening makes me wind up but I felt so calm. I had worried about the coming due date for months, will we make it to the hospital, who should take care of Cléo, what if I give birth at home, etc. But all worried were gone this morning. I went back to sleep once Cléo went to kindergatden and once I woke just before noon I felt rested and happy. I had a shower, got myself ready, had lunch and went to see my friend to enjoy a soda in the sun. My husband had the same idea and joined us. We then went to get the dog and walked the short walk to kindergarden. 

On my way to see my friend I felt something that resembled menstrual pain, but it recided quickly. On our way to kindergarden I had a real contraction, it was around 15:00. I started calling a cab while my husband went in to get Cléo, it took nearly 10 minutes to get a cab, and all the while the contractions got more intense. When we came to my parents house I said we weren’t staying, and called the hospital. I was allready feeling the contractions quite bad, having them every three minutes or so. 15:25 I called our doula and right after we left for the hospital. I had a Tens machine to ease the contractions. There were no taxis to be found, one was 15 min away but we decided not to wait so my father drove us. The traffic was insane, it felt like half an hour for us to get to the hospital, I’m not sure how long it took. Once in the hospital they took me into a checking room and saw I was 6-7cm open and the contractions were coming like waves with short intervals. We went straight to the birth room and I got to sit on a gym ball and hang from a hanging cloth. My husband massaged me and brought me water, we listened to latino music so that i would remember to move and dance the pain away. It wasn’t long until I felt the need to push, so I shifted from the ball to the stool, having my husband behind me. I had pushed for maybe 10min when our doula  arrived. Then the real pushing began, and suddenly the water burst. I thought it was the baby so when I heard it wasn’t I had a few moments desperation. I think I even cried “pleade get her out allready!”
I pushed and pushed and then, finally I hear the magic words: don’t push, breathe, breathe, now a little push, breathe breathe, one more push, and then, there you were! Covered in white slime, grey, screaming, and oh the relief of not having to push anymore. That last phase before the light in the tunnel is the worst! 2h20min from the first contraction and I felt like a superstar! No stitches were needed, and no syntetic oxytocin either. As you climbed towards your first meal I was allready lactating. 50cm, 3656 grams, weeks 38+2, during full moon, just like I had predicted. 

We stayed in the room for 3 hours, giving you milk, I had a shower and dad got to hold you. I then sent him to get us something to eat, I hadn’t ad anything since lunch. The midwife brought us some coffee, juice and a yoghurt as we were waiting for transfer. After 3,5 hours we got to move to the dormitory. The nurses came to check on you, you had quite a bit of water in your lungs so the first night I stayed awake to listen to your breathing and clean up the puke. Now it’s 6 am, you are sleeping and so will I 🙂


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