This blog is about building a life. First it was a house, then it was a healthy life, in the future it will hopefully be about a family and a business.

I started writing this blog when I was building my first ever house, to keep track of the thinking process. So the first years of the blog is building a house, a home, in the Finnish archipelago. Then, I took on the next big project: my health, which is what the blog is mostly about. I sometimes get inspired to write about something else completely.

You probably wonder who I am, well.. instead of doing the normal introduction here goes: On good days I feel like the badass character played by Lucy Liu in Kill Bill, on bad days I feel like the hippo in Disney’s Fantasia. I love cooking, planning events like dinner and parties, I listen to everything, classic, trance, rock, pop, you name it. I eat only black and red candy when I eat candy but my real vice is Popcorn, Expensive Wine and Cigars. I’m one of the most restless and impatient person I know. I’m the person who can’t wait for the coffee to pour into the pan, so I put my mug under the drip, that kind of person. I hate changes when someone else makes them, love them when I make them myself. I need to be in control, at all times, in all situations. I’m used to getting what I want because I’m very persistent and I know how to use my womenly charm and cunning skills when needed. That comes from having worked side by side with my dad in a male dominated environment in our family business for four years.

Anyhow, hopefully the pictures and my scribbles can help others with their own projects of building something, whatever it is, and to find useful info and to be inspired! Enjoy!


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