Pros and cons on the island

1. Angry swallows that use our terrace as a public toilet and attacks everyone that comes too close, ie our front door
2. Mosquitos and other bloodsucking unidentified flyong object, I hit a huge bug that sounded like a helicopter with my book yesterday, it flew like a baseball!
3. Evil stinging ants in the forest
4. The very mean pines that root themselves everywhere and make the ground acid.
5. The rain, everywhere, all the time, suddenly and without warning

1. The swallows eat the mosquitos and other bloodsucking unidentified flying objects
2. The forest is full of blueberries, I picked 2 litrs in half an hour yesterday
3. The satisfaction of pulling the small rooted pines up from the ground
4. The rain has blessed the island with loads of new flower species, so many lovely colors are everywhere
5. The absolute silence when the sea is calm, like a mirror, there is nothing like it.
6. The east side of the island, where my house is being built, a whole new small world within a world I’ve known all my life, I’m loving that part of the island, that used to be uninhabitated and less frequently treaded, is now a place for new memories and adventures.



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